United Saddlebred Association-UK
United Saddlebred Association-UK

Mission Statement

The United Saddlebred Association UK Ltd (USA-UK) aims to promote the breeding, exhibition, use and improvement of the American Saddlebred Horse with enthusiasm and integrity, as well as to support all owners of Foreign Breeds in the UK where ever possible.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining accurate breed records and ownership details of the American Saddlebred and partbreds in the United Kingdom & Europe, ensuring the purity of the breed in respect of purebreds;
  • Encouraging the showing and breeding of the American Saddlebred, Saddlebred partbreds, supporting other Foreign Breeds in the UK and their use in all equine sports, thus promoting the capabilities and versatility of both the American Saddlebred & other Foreign Breeds;
  • Providing regular and current information and news about the breed and linked items of interest to USA-UK members and others;
  • Democratically electing members of USA-UK to the committee annually, to govern the running of the organisation for members, by means of a fair constitution;
  • Providing services for all members, but especially the young, which enhance and encourage appreciation and/or ownership of the breed;
  • Actively promoting the welfare of all equines.



USA-UK seeks to ensure that all children, young people and vulnerable adults attending USA-UK organised shows and events are safe and protected from harm. We believe that all members have a right to expect that we will safeguard and promote their interests irrespective of age, gender, racial origin, religious belief, sexuality, or any disability they might have. We also believe that all children have a right to be protected from abuse or exploitation. Wherever possible the USA-UK will ensure that the rights of children, young people and vunerable adults are protected at our events. As such we fully endorse the BEF/BHS code of good practice.



USA-UK requires that our competitive environment is "conducted with fairness and equity wherein respect and tolerance for others is shown by all". USA-UK will not tolerate any offensive or bullying use of Social Media by either members, Judges or Officials. Nor will be tolerate any discriminatory behaviour or language. We will not condone nor will we accept any behaviour by either members, Judges or Officials that is not seen as respectful or tolerant to others, nor will we tolerate any behaviour that could be construed as bullying (including cyber bullying).


You should be aware that the USA-UK will fully co-operate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing USA-UK to disclose the identity ot locate anyone posting any material in breach of this Policy. If we are requested by the police or any other regulatory or government authority investigating suspected illegal actvities to provide your personal information, then USA-UK is entitled to do this.


All interested parties are invited to read our Handbook before joining.

Contact us

Headquarters & Treasurer:

USA-UK, 24 Coton Grove, Shirley, Solihull, Birmingham, B90 1BS.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Membership Secretary, Hi-Points & Horse Registrar: 43 Woodman Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3EH.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Newsletter Editor & Show Liaison: 36 Philpot Square, Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3HX.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk

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