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The United Saddlebred Association-UK has been named as "Charter Club of the Year" by our governing body in America, the ASHA, not once, but twice - 1998 and 2012! We are currently the only Charter Club outside of America & Canada to have ever received this accoldae.


Don't forget to complete your Hi-Point Books as you progress through the year; if you've been hacking, then there is the Hacking Log Book and for those of you that have been doing demonstrations or writing articles there is the Promotional Log Book - and many of these are open to non-members and non-Saddlebreds too, so take a look and see if there is anything suitable there for you.


Memberships are due 1st October, so if you haven't already rejoined, download the form or join via the website now.


The ASHA (in America) have an Amabassador Program - points can be earned in anything from giving lessons to writing articles to taking part in shows - USA-UK won the region award for this in 2015. Look on our "Awards" page for more details or contact USA-UK. 


USA-UK member Lynn Jarvis won the ASHA Gordon jenkins International Award for 2021. This award is designed to honour a person (ASHA membership required) who has gone the extra mile to introduce and promote the American Saddlebred Horse to other countries. In 2019, the award was presented to Lionel & Georgia Ferriera & Cheryl Lutring in 2007.


History of the Saddlebred in the UK

The American Saddlebred Horse traces its history back to the naturally gaited Galloway and Hobby horses from the British Isles. These hardy horses were imported to America with the early settlers and through selective breeding and crossing with imported Thoroughbreds the "American Horse" was developed about the time of the American Civil War. These horses had the size and beauty of the Thoroughbred and had retained the ability to learn the easy-riding gaits.


Continual crossing with Thoroughbreds and other breeds gave rise to the American Saddlebred by the time of the first horse shows (early 1800s) and they were frequently judged winners becuase of their beauty, style and versatility.


To find out more, and how the American Saddlebred came back to the UK and the versatility of the breed, read the documents below.


The United Sadlebred Association has long supported all Foreign Breeds in the UK and have always welcomed them to our events, given them equal status in the show ring as with our own breed the American Saddlebred Horse. We have been encouraging and supporting Foreign Breeds for over two decades in the UK and will continue to do so - we hope you will join us at our future events, be they showing, training of just a social gathering - all are welcome.

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Headquarters & Treasurer:

USA-UK, 24 Coton Grove, Shirley, Solihull, Birmingham, B90 1BS.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Membership Secretary, Hi-Points & Horse Registrar: 43 Woodman Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3EH.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Newsletter Editor & Show Liaison: 36 Philpot Square, Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3HT.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk

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