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Whatever breed of horse you have, we offer a fast service and one of the most reasonably priced passports on the market. All passports are returned by Recorded Delivery.


Any queries email: Registrar
Phone: 07669-357087 (answer phone) 



Please note you MUST use the application form on our website and the barcode sticker for the microchip MUST be attached to the form (not handwritten for ANY passport applications, unless applying for overstamp of existing passport only). ID Silhouettes must be completed by a veterinary surgeon.


Passport applications, horse registrations, transfer of ownership, details of castration etc. should be sent to the HORSE REGISTRAR. 


We can issue passports for ANY equine, whether a Saddlebred or a non-Saddlebred.

Purebred Saddlebreds
, registered in America with the ASHA and parentage verified by DNA are entered onto our main registry. Direct offspring (first generation) from ASHA registered purebreds who are not themselves ASHA registered shall be considered for entry onto Appendix A and can be upgraded onto our Main Regsitry upon ASHA registration. 


Partbred Saddlebreds are entered onto our Appendix B registry.


Non-Saddlebreds can also register with us for an ID passport and are entered onto our Appendix Q Registries.


Horses can be dual-registered with many societies, but they can of course only have ONE passport.



If you choose to register with us and obtain your passport from us, then simply fill in the application form in full. You must get a vet to insert a microchip and the Vet must also fill in the ID part of the application form. Please also read the Legal requirements for owners page.


If you choose to obtain your passport from another PIO, but you still wish to register him/her with us, then you only need to fill in the first page of the application form - it is not necessary to get a Vet to do this. In addition you must send your horse's passport in with the application form, as this will be overstamped by us.


OVERSTAMPING by USA-UK of existing passports will NOT include verification of breeding.  You may select to do this if your horse is another breed and you wish to take part in our awards. Saddlebreds (pure or part) need to apply for REGISTRATION to verify breeding as well as having their existing passport overstamped.


Please also read the Legal requirements for owners page.


As per DEFRA Regulations:

  • All equines applying for a passport must be micro-chipped.
  • ID/Sihouette must be completed by a Vet, unless you already have a passport and are applying for USA-UK Registration only and overstamping of existing passport.
  • All equines must have a passport by 31st December the year they are born, or by the time they reach 6 months of age, whichever is the later date. Horses older than 6 months of age when applying for a passport will be signed out of the human food chain and the transaction reported to the Passport Enforcement Auhtority if applicable, as per DEFRA regulations. (Applications for passports rescue equines and those who have purchased an equine without a passport are not currently reportable) - please note that this includes imported horses over 6 months of age.
  • Horses applying for a passport outside of the year they are foaled will also be issued with a passport marked as "replacement".


Breaches of the Passport Regulations
Any offence or breach of the Regulations must be reported by ourselves to the horse passports enforcing authority. Upon receipt of information the enforcement authority will record it and assess whether enforcement action is appropriate. The information will, if necessary, be passed to the enforcement authority for the area in which the offence may have taken place. Follow up action by enforcement authorities will be in line with the individual enforcement authority's policy. Under Law we have to report the following:

  • Where a passport is applied for outside the statutory time limit (6 months after birth or before 31 December in the year of birth, whichever is the later).
  • Where a passport is applied for when one already exists for that animal.
  • failure of a new owner to update owner details within 30 days.
  • Signs of unofficial changes to passport details, tampering or fraud is discussed with the enforcement authority for that territory.
  • Where a rump sticker is issued and the equine it is applied to is not slaughtered or issued with a passport within 30 days. Rump stickers may only be issued to specific animals as outlined in the Horse Passports Regulations.
  • Where a rump stickered equine has been slaughtered more than 7 days after the date on the rump sticker.

Contact us

Headquarters & Treasurer:

USA-UK, 24 Coton Grove, Shirley, Solihull, Birmingham, B90 1BS.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Membership Secretary, Hi-Points & Horse Registrar: 43 Woodman Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3EH.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Newsletter Editor & Show Liaison: 36 Philpot Square, Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3HX.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk

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