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Legal requirements for owners

Guidelines, Complaints Procedure & The Data Protection Act




  • All equines applying for a passport must be micro-chipped.
  • All applications MUST be on the current form - available to download as a PDF file found on the right hand side of every page of this website (paper copies available by request).
  • ID/Silhouette must be completed by a Vet, unless you already have a passport and are applying for overstamping.
  • Horse must have a passport by 31st December the year they are born, or by the time they reach 6 months of age, whichever is the later date. Horses older than 6 months when applying for a passport will be signed OUT of the human food chain, as per DEFRA guidelines.
  • Horses applying for a passport outside of the year they are foaled will also have their passports marked as "replacement".
  • All horses imported from non-member states (e.g. South Africa, America, Australia), must have (or have applied for) a passport within 30 days of arrival into this country.
  • Passports must be returned within 30 days of sale for transfer of ownership. USA-UK membership is not required to transfer ownership and anyone may pay the fees - both seller (previous owner) and buyer (new owner) need to sign the forms.
  • Upon receipt of passport, owners should sign the relevant page in the passport as the new owner.
  • Upon the death of your horse, USA-UK should be notified within 30 days and the passport returned - these can be returned to the owner at no charge (if wished) after cancellation.
  • USA-UK offer both passports AND registration for ALL Equines, not just pure and part Saddlebreds.
  • Stallion licencing is available through USA-UK - stallions must be at least 2 years of age, USA-UK registered and have their DNA on file.
  • Gradings - the United Saddlebred Association does not currently undertake gradings, but we include a grading form (as most commonly used by other societies such as BSPA etc.) so that if you wish your horse to be graded, the details can be contained within your horse's passport.
  • For more information see our passport application form and the EU horse ID regulations at:www.defra.gov.uk/foodfarm/farmanimal/movements/horses/index.htm


All purebred Saddlebreds, in order to be entered onto the Main Registry, must have proven parentage by DNA testing. 
Why do we insist on this? First and foremost we believe in maintaining the integrity of the breed. It is not in the best interest of anyone, to have a horse listed as a "purebred" when no other country will recognise it as one. Because of this we follow the rules laid down by the Mother Stud book for the American Saddlebred Horse, the ASHA (in America), whereby there must be an unbroken chain of verified parentage. As such we will accept onto our Main Registry any Saddlebred already registered with the ASHA (America), the SHBoSA (South Africa), the ASHAA Inc (Australia) and the Canadian Registry, provided this criteria has been met.


First generation offspring, from ASHA registered horses will be accepted onto our Appendix A (purebreds, non-verified) if not ASHA registered themselves. Offspring from Appendix A horses can only be registered as Appendix A or Partbred Saddlebreds. Appendix A horses (and any of their offspring) may subsequently be upgraded to our Main Registry should they become ASHA registered.


Partbred Saddlebreds are accepted down to a minimum of 12.5%, with the exception of National Show Horses (Saddlebred x Arab, minimum 25% Arab, maximum 99% Arab, with the remainder being Saddlebred).



Passports Complaints Procedure
It is the policy of the United Saddlebred Association that any complaints (specifically concerning Passports) are dealt with in the following manner:
i) That written acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint or appeal will be provided by return;
ii) Written confirmation to be provided within 15 days of how the complaint is to be dealt with;
iii) Written confirmation of the outcome, including any procedures to appeal that outcome.


Breaches of the Passport regulations
Any offence under or breach of the Regulations must be reported by ourselves to the horse passports enforcement authority. Upon receipt of information the enforcement authority will record it and assess whether enforcement action is appropriate. The information will, if necessary, be passed to the enforcement authority for the area in which the offence may have taken place. Follow up action by enforcement authorities will be in line with the individual enforcement authority’s policy.


Under Law we have to report the following:
i) Where a passport is applied for outside of the statutory time limit (6 months of birth or before 31 December in the year of birth, whichever is the later).
ii) Where a passport is applied for when one already exists for that animal.
iii) Failure of a new owner to update owner details within 30 days.
iv) Signs of unofficial changes to passport details, tampering or fraud is discussed with the enforcement authority for that territory.
v) Where a rump sticker is issued and the equine it is applied to is not slaughtered or issued with a passport within 30 days. Note that rump stickers may only be issued to specific animals as outlined in the horse passport regulations.
vi) Where a rump stickered equine has been slaughtered more than 7 days after the date on the rump sticker.






The Data Protection Act 1998


Notification of Processing of Personal Data

It is required under Data Protection legislation to advise individuals about the processing of personal information i.e. why this information is being collected, how this information will be used and the circumstances in which it will be disclosed.


Information supplied in connection with your registration was passed by United Saddlebred Association-UK (USA-UK) to the National Equine Database [NED]. NED was jointly operated by the National Equine Database Society for Government and the GB equine industry.


Horse passport-based information about Horse and Owner was collected by NED in order to provide a source of data that supports veterinary disease control and surveillance activities. The information will also enable DEFRA to carry out its responsibilities regarding the implementation of the horse passport requirement. It will also facilitate strategic planning within the equine sector, assist in tracing the Owners of straying, lost or stolen horses and reduce malpractice in the sale of horses and ponies. The data collected for this purpose will be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the above purposes. For the equine industry in general, the information passed to NED will provide a central archived source of Breeding, Evaluation and Performance [BEP] data which will enhance the quality of horses bred in Great Britain. BEP data will be accessible by other interested parties [for a fee] via an Internet website. Since the folding of NED it is likely that a similar central database will be set up in the future and similar data will be required by to be forwarded by USA-UK, however similar conditions will apply concerning the Data Protection Act.


The horse passport based information provided may, in future, be used for research purposes or statistical analysis. Your personal data may be shared, if necessary, within the DEFRA family, other Central Government Departments, Non-Departmental Public Bodies and Local Authorities. Your personal details [i.e. name and address of horse owner] will be treated as confidential at all times and all data supplied will be kept secure. Data may be processed by a contracted third party that will also be required to keep all data secure. Your personal details will not appear on the commercial BEP website. Any enquiries from users of the BEP website will be directed to the organisation or society that forwarded the information to the National Equine Database. In limited circumstances, NED Society or its agents were required to release information, including personal data and commercial information, on request under the Environmental Information Regulations, the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information or the Freedom of Information Act 2000. However, neither NED Society nor its agents will permit any unwarranted breach of confidentiality nor will we act in contravention of our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.


As per DEFRA requirements, USA-UK shares information with the various Enforcement Agencies around the country and we (USA-UK) undertake to follow the above guidelines. Upon consultation it is noted that USA-UK is not required to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office.




You have probably heard a lot about the new General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that came into effect on 25th May 2019. To comply with GDPR consent requirements, we have emailed all our existing members/enthusiasts and noted your response(s). Future paperwork supplied by us will offer you an opt out box for some of these options.

The types of personal information we collect include:

  • personal details, such as title and your full name;
  • contact details, such as email address, mobile number, landline phone number and alternative phone number;
  • date of birth;
  • home address, including house name/number, postcode, street name, town and county;
  • horse ownership information, such as registered name, date foaled, sire, dam, breeder and competiton records.
  • records of your communication with us, such as call emails, text messages, survey comments, complaints made in any form.
  • marketing communication, such as your response to marketing from us;
  • fraud and theft information, such as any suspected or actual instances of fraud or theft;
  • The information we hold may be shared with third parties such as the Central Equine Database, the American Saddlebred Horse Association and any legal enforcement agencies.
  • We also hold information of competitors details for any event we may be hosting (for example the May Festival Show). Details are held on file for insurance purposes.

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