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There are a variety of awards your horse can win during the year, both at individual shows and in our Year End Awards. Both pure and partbred Saddlebreds are catered for in every discipline, from the spectacular Show Horse to the awesome Sport Horse. ALL competitions count and earn you points towards your horse's Championship status (5,000 points) and then Elite status (10,000 points) (Registered horses only).


Currently we have 7 Saddlebred Champions and one Elite Saddlebred.


We compile an annual Sire Ratings (from stock winning in Saddlebred classes). NB Due to Coronavirus, there were no sire ratings for 2020.


Don't compete? We also have awards for those of you that promote the breed through displays and articles and for those that simply want to enjoy the countryside on board your Saddlebred we have the Hacking Scheme - both of these are FREE to take part in.


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All of these forms are available to download on our main "Shows, Events & Awards" page.



Additional Awards We also present members & special awards at nominated events (for both Saddlebreds and non-Saddlebreds).




Hi-Point & SASH Awards

Our Year End Awards are split into two main categories - In Hand & Ridden, with separate awards going to both pure and partbred Saddlebreds. Once entered into these, everything else is free to take part in and include the following:

  • Members Cup (accumulative score per horse/rider)
  • Youth Award (open to any youth member)
  • Versatility Award (for Saddlebreds that have competed cross discipline during the year).
  • Futurity Award (for Saddlebreds 3 and under)
  • Utility Division (for classes that aren't judged on conformation or to an ideal)
  • Newcomers (for those taking part in the awards for the first time)
  • Promotional Award (for those who promote the breed and/or Association in ways other than competing)
  • Hacking Award (for those who ride the trails on their Saddlebred).

All these awards are based on annual accumulative scores.


Our Hi-Point awards are also open to non-members / non-registered horses, but points are NOT accumulative and we have separate divisions for non-Saddlebred Horses too. So, if you like competing then why not take part in our Hi-Point Awards, regardless of the breed of horse you own.

  • Members League (accumulative score per horse/rider)
  • Hunter (English) and Traditional Divisions (other divisions will be added as demand dictates - e.g. Driving, Endurance etc.)
  • Utility Division (for classes that aren't judged on conformation or to an ideal)
  • Newcomers (for those taking part in the awards for the first time)


We run the USA-UK STATE PLEASURE Awards for Saddlebreds, again free once entered in the ridden section of our Hi-Points.

  • Hunter (Saddlebreds shown in Hunter/Riding Horse divisions)
  • 3-Gaited (Saddlebreds shown in 3-Gaited saddle seat or Foreign Breed classes).
  • 5-Gaited (Saddlebreds shown in 5-Gaited saddle seat or Foreign Breed Gaited classes).
  • Endurance (Saddlebreds competing in Endurance).
  • Trec (Saddlebreds competing in Trec).
  • Western (Saddlebreds show in Western classes).
  • Sport Horse (Saddlebreds competing in dressage, show jumping and/or eventing).

Again these are all based on annual accumulative scores.


The United Saddlebred Association-UK present the ASHA State Pleasure Awards at our AGM for this country (Saddlebreds to be ASHA registered and owned by ASHA members).


We have FREE awards for those of you that don't compete - the Promotional Award and the Hacking Scheme.

Roll of Honour

The ultimate accolade for Saddlebreds in the UK is to achieve "Championship" status and be able to use the "CH" in front of their names. This is also available for ANY horse that is registered with us and takes part in our Hi-Point Performance Awards:


  • Bronze Level - 1,000 points
  • Silver Level - 2,500 points
  • Gold Level and Championship Status - 5,000 points.


The first Saddlebred to achieve this was CH Celtic Champagne (owned by Lynn Jarvis) in 2002 and was followed by CH Appledore Miss Serenade (owned by Dorothy Hasty) in 2003, CH Craycombe Golden Sandpiper in 2004 (owned by Jennie Childs), CH Spellbound Reiver in 2009 (owned by Donna-Marie Britton) and CH Even Worse in 2012 (owned by Jane Armstrong-Lancaster). In 2014 two more Saddlebreds joined the Championship ranks - CH Appledore Fandango (owned by Kim Bonny) and CH Spellbound Tobias (owned by Pat Pomp).


It doesn't end there though, as after championship recognition you can gain ELITE status with your Saddlebred upon reaching 10,000 points, where upon you will be presented with an personalised rug. At present we have one Saddlebred on Elite Status - CH Celtic Champagne.


And for our non-competitive members, we have awards and prizes too. In the Hacking Log Scheme, we present awards at 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 hours logged. Upon reaching 500 hours you also receive a USA-UK Hi-Vis Tabbard and an embroidered saddle pad on reaching 1,000 hours.


Don't forget, you don't need to have a Saddlebred to take part in our awards!


To find out the ROLL OF HONOUR and our running total scores for all Saddlebreds, please view the file below.

Roll of honour.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [154.6 KB]

Contact us

Headquarters & Treasurer:

USA-UK, 24 Coton Grove, Shirley, Solihull, Birmingham, B90 1BS.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Membership Secretary, Hi-Points & Horse Registrar: 43 Woodman Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3EH.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk


Newsletter Editor & Show Liaison: 36 Philpot Square, Peterborough Road, London, SW6 3HX.

Email: info@american-saddlebred.co.uk

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